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Family PicNote: Sheri Standens's dog obedience site is at: http://www.thestandens.ca/dogs/. Her recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) interview about Chicken Camp is at: http://www.thestandens.ca/Chickens.mp3.

Jim is continuing his efforts at Writing, Photography and financial coaching. He also has his own cool Wiki (http://localinvestment.pbwiki.com/) and has recently updated his personal values.

Update on the Markets :bank

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Jim's current favorite saying: "Never judge a day by it's weather". (Very appropriate for Salt Spring Island, especially, this year).

If any of you out there are interested in where we live, check out the following episode of a local TV show called "Flavours of the West Coast":

Most Exciting ! A very neat micro-loan web site. We originally allocated funds for about 5 loans. The money keeps getting repaid by those nice folks (thanks !) and we keep re-loaning (recycling) it back again. We are now at our 69th loan in 28 countries (is that not soooooo coooooool !!!). Kiva - loans that change lives

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